New Vague


[noo, nyoo] Show IPA adjective, -er, -est, adverb, noun



of recent origin, production, purchase, etc.; having but lately come or been brought into being: a new book.

of a kind now existing or appearing for the first time; novel: a new concept of the universe.

having but lately or but now come into knowledge: a new chemical element.

unfamiliar or strange (often followed by to ): ideas new to us; to visit new lands.

having but lately come to a place, position, status, etc.: a reception for our new minister.

[veyg]   Origin


[veyg] Show IPA

adjective, va·guer, va·guest.


not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed: vague promises.

indefinite or indistinct in nature or character, as ideas or feelings: a vague premonition of disaster.

not clear or distinct to the sight or any other sense; perceptible or recognizable only in an indefinite way: vague shapes in the dark; vague murmurs behind a door.

not definitely established, determined, confirmed, or known; uncertain: a vague rumor; The date of his birth is vague.

(of persons) not clear or definite in thought, understanding, or expression: vague about his motives; a vague person.

New Vague: an independent music label from Washington, DC focusing on interesting, experimental, eclectic, and unique musics from around the world. More detail including details about specific releases will be forthcoming. Contact the label’s sole proprieter here:


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