New Takayanagi, Kowald, and Midorikawa

Like many, the release of heretofore unreleased work by the late Masayuki Takayangi–who is in my humble opinion , the single greatest free jazz/free improvisation guitarist this planet will ever see, and a continuing source of awe and inspiration–is a cause for celebration. This new release on Moby’s/Chitei Records is particularly well worth it for the presence of two other highly regarded figures in freely improvised music: Peter Kowald on bass and Midorikawa Keiki on cello.  The music on the disc does not disappoint, though folks looking for a screamingly intense free jazz blowout in the vein of “Call in Question” on PSF or the complete La Grima set issued on Doubt (if you don’t have those, stop now and track them down as they are in all ways essential) might be disappointed. This is more textural, than flat out aggression; to use a hackneyed but still accurate description, this set is a conversation between three master improvisers; each one careful not to overwhelm the other. Repeated listenings will bring this out; the art here is in the details. More please!

This release comes in nice Japanese mini LP sleeve.


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