Drexciya: Journey of a Deep Sea Dweller

An excellent, scholarly, overview of Drexciya and it’s offshoot can be found <here
This has little to do with the New Vague Label though I’d love to release material related to Drexciya on the label. Drexciya is just one of of those turning point moments for me: their music opened up new avenues of musical exploration that continues to evolve. Drexciya was my gateway drug into the new electronic musics being created around the world.SO, yes I put hearing Drexciya for the first time as one of those DEFINING MOMENTS where an entirely new musical universe is unveiled. Other DEFINING MOMENTS  for me would be: CECIL TAYLOR ‘SILENT TONGUES’, FUSHITSUSHA ‘DOUBLE LIVE’, MASAYUKI TAKAYANGI ‘CALL IN QUESTION’, STOOGES ‘FUNHOUSE’ ETC. Drexciya belongs in such esteemed company. The recently released compilation ‘Journey of a Deep Sea Dweller” is an excellent starting point. Take the plunge. you won’t regret it.Image


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