le son de l’os test pressings sounding good

The test pressings for le son de l’os’ second album ‘old sun’ arrived and sound good to me. Now to send them to Japan for the bands’ approval and also to to two friends of mine who have more experience in such matters for this sonic judgement. The LP covers are in the process of being printed up by SIWA so New Vague LP #1 should be ready to go in a month or so. It’s hard to describe their music as it has such a weightless, ethereal quality but comparisons to recent music made by Andrew Chalk and Timo Van Luijk going under the name ‘Elodie’ seem appropriate. It’s not that the music sounds the same, it’s that it has the same exploratory quality of finding new new avenues for creation that it is at peace with itself: this is found, I think, by the the familiarity of the musicians involved with one another and the incorporation of the environment in which they find themselves. It is not just the instruments used, it’s the place itself: the surrounding landscape which the music as a whole. Another comparison might be to the LP ‘Music and Dance’ which featured Derek Bailey on guitar and the Butoh dancer Min Tanaka on the Table of Elements label. It is the ephemeral quality of the recording I am getting at which demands an active listener to complete the experience. If this appeals to you contact me directly at newvaguerecords@gmail.com to reserve a copy of the LP.


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