Fushistsusha: Hikari to Nazukeyo First Impressions

Just arrived today so this is just some very brief first impressions of the CD.

1) Nice Digipak sleeve with appropriate art that conveys this CD marks the rebirth of Fushitisusha, or to get all Spinal Tap: Fushitsusha Mark II (Post-Ozawa)

2) Well recorded. The bass is very upfront, much more so than many other Fushitsusha release I can think of. Given there are so many this may be a mistaken impression of mine tho…

3) It’s short! Only 35 minutes long. I can’t recall another Fushitsusha that clocked in at such a brief running time.

4) What jumps out at me most right away is the bass playing. Given that this features Seijaku’s bass player Nasuno Mitsuru that makes sense. He isn’t trying to play just like Ozawa. No one really can, so the flavor the music is quite different. Track 2 reminds me of nothing so much as The Jesus Lizard, in particular the bass line, which is not at all what I expected. Given The Jesus Lizard were one of the great American post-punk bands of their era, this is fine with me. It works well I think, but it does take a second to re-adjust to it. Is it better or worse in combination with Haino and Takahashi (solid as ever on drums)? I don’t know just yet. I’m hesitant to make that sort of judgement right now; it’s seems so subjective to do so at the moment so I’m just going to take it in. I’ll reserve judgement of that point for another post.

5) Speaking of which someone really ought to hook Haino up with the The Jesus Lizard rhythm section of Mac McNeilly and David Wm. Sims. The would a rock blowout of epic proportions. Another suggestion in a completely different style would be to hook Haino up with drummer/percussionist Eli Keszler. Fireworks would fly I’m sure.

6) That’s enough for the moment. Do I think this is worth the $30+ it cost. Yes, easily. Is it the apex of rock music in the present era? Hmm, not so sure about that just yet. The truth, always difficult to lock down when it comes to evaluating music, likely lies between those two poles, which is a fine place to be I think. Image


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