Onna Kodoma==> Le son de l’os

A good friend makes the very pertinent point that Le son de l’os could be seen picking up where Onna-Kodoama left off in the mide-1990s. The group featured, Shizuo Uchida and Yuko Hasegawa along w/ Shinmei Suzuki that seems a very apt point of reference. Hasegawa seems to have been primary driver of this project, but like le son de l’os this is exquisite enesmeble playing from individuals who are clearly in tune with one another, and dedicated to finding new avenues for improvisation. The CDs are sadly out of print, but with a little persistence you ought to  be able to find used copies on < Discogs. Those of you who are intrested in le son de l’os would be well advised to track a copy so you can have a sense on what to expect on the latest le son de l’os LP.Image

On another topic, tomorrow is my birhthday. I don’t have any want list requests or things of that nature, but if you care to send your regards it is certainly much appreciated!.


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