Majusto no Niwa ‘FRONTERA’ Vinly details

The artwork for the release of Majutsu no Niwa’s ‘FRONTERA’ is nearing completion so I though update some of the details of the LP. It’s a double LP, with one extra track and a slightly revised running order. This isn’t a bonus track per se, rather this is the completed version of FRONTERA as per Rinji Fukouka’s guidance. The LP is being pressed by RTI, so naturally it’s of the highest quality. Personally I think this sounds better than the CD and Rinji concurs. The sleeves are being printed by Stoughton in the classic tip-on style. Really this is the definitive version of one of the great psych LPs of recent years. Likely you know if this is your ‘thing’, if so this is the way to go (pardon all the plugging, but I feel pretty strongly about this release). As with the le son de’los LP, pricing is yet to be determined. My goal is to keep prices as reasonable as possible, but figure this will be in the $20+ range given all that went into it. Pressing size is limited to 500 copies so if you’d like to reserve a copy just contact me at and I’d be happy to hold one for you.

Like I said I think this really is going to be a high quality release all around. I think you’ll be very pleased if you choose to pick up a copy.

Distributor’s and online retailers are in the works while pricing details come in so if you prefer to pick your copy that way, that’s now sweat of my back. We all have to work together to keep the interdependent retailers going strong in these tough times.


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