The New Vague Line-up circa 5-23-2012

Just a brief post to present the New Vague line-up as it currently stands with some estimated release info (very tentative at this point).

NV-001: le son de l’os ‘old sun’ LP edition of 300. All covers are being silkscreened by SIWA, I couldn’t be more pleased to have this as the inaugural New Vague release. Estimated release date is in about a month or so.

NV-002: Majutsu no Niwa ‘FRONTERA’ 2LP. Edition side is 500 for the time being. The LP will be in a gatefold sleeve printed up Stoughton. LPS are being pressed by RTI on 180G vinyl.

Here are the projected releases for the coming months:

NV-003: Magneticring (LP title TBD). Magneticring released an excellent LP on Uzu audio couple years. The first track is one long epic drone piece with echoes of Terry Riley. Edition size: TBD.

NV-004: Clade ‘if brightness outshine heavens so prepared ‘ 2LP. This was released as a CDR by the band earlier this year. The LP again will by silkscreened by SIWA and feature additional material not on the CD.

NV-005: Rinji Fukuoka & Sachiko ‘áTOMO∑’ LP. This is a re-release of the excellent CD ‘áTOMO∑’ put out by Musik Atlach. Full color sleeve ala the original. Pressing size: TBD.

NV-006: Sarry 2LP (title TBD). Sarry are a duo out of Okinawa that features heavily processed bass and vocal. Mason Jones of Charnel Houe hooked me up with the band (many thanks Mason!). Again pressing size and edition details are still being worked out but I’ll be sure to keep you posted on new developments as they occur.

Links for all of these bands can be found in my blogroll and it goes withoout saying that I highly recommend you check them out.


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