Majutsu no Niwa Artwork Complete!

The artwork for the gatefold 2LP press of Majustu no Niwa’s ‘FRONTERA’ is complete, looking good, and is being forwarded on to the respective printers. That’s plural as the company printing the sleeves, Stoughton, doesn’t do labels, so the labels are being printed by the printing pros at Dorado. Once completed (and paid for in full of course!), they’ll be sent to the LP pressing plant,RTI, who will in turn press the LPs, insert them, seal em up and send to me, just as soon as payment again is made in full. Once completed this will be a hefty package indeed given Stoughton’s sturdy sleeves and that the LPs are being pressed on 180G vinyl. I’ve heard the test presses and they’re smoking. But of course my bias is for LPs especially so as my Raysonic CD128 tube CD player just died on me yesterday for the second time. Given the cost of this unit, I’m not pleased at all with its reliability. The sound is great, but dropping several hundred dollars on repairs is well displeasing (to say the least). No such problem with either of the turntables I’ve owned over the years: a Music Hall MM-5 (the linked item is the newer, more expensive MM-5.1 SE) or my current Rega P5 with an external power supply, and Rega exact cartridge. Now discontinued in favor of the pricier P6, the P5 can be had for excellent prices these days and is to my mind a better table (tone arm is superior as is the cartridge which is standard on the P5 or $500 extra on the P6). Have you guessed I’m an audiophile (though an amateur by most audiophile standards)?


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