Horrible News

I have some sad sad news to share about Joel, the mastermind behind this label: he had a massive stroke on Monday, June 18th and he’s been in a coma since then. There is no good way to sugar coat the terrible reality: Joel is going to be taken off life support tomorrow morning. My name is Chris and I have known Joel since we were five years old; I’ve been trying to help get the word out to all his other friends and the bands he’s been working with. We are going to still try and get these records out that have shown up at his place. If you need to get in contact with me, my email address is varitech18@yahoo.com



Le son de l’os LPs in the house

Side 1

Side 2

And looking good. Vinyl is clean, glossy, without pressing errors. PLays quiet which is critical for this band, For further information contact me at newvaguerecords@gmail.com. Covers should be ready in the next coming weeks, and when those are completed I’ll be able to provide you with pricing information.

NE-001, LPS have arrived le son de l’os ‘old sun’

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Alt least the boxes that will eventually overwhelm will eventually overwhelm my apparent have arrived.The 300 or so le son del l’os (LPS only, the sleeves are diligently being worked on at the momeny, once both components have arrived BAM the LPS will be ready to shipp. 300 copies only, in releseable mylar, plastic outer seeves to protect your LP investment. The release date will be the same as the Majutusu no Niwa “FRONTERA” LP which is a couple months out yet. I’, trying to save on cost of shipping (it cost a lot!) and to combine both LPs to create interest for one via the other and vice versa. Though if you simply want Majutsu No Niwa let me and I won’t delay shipping your order while Majutusu no Niwa warps up.. Both come highly recommended. They will be abailable through your standard array of independent music distrubtors, shops and online retailers as well as direct from the label either from me or via discogs or possibly e-bay if you prefer to go that route

le son de l’os ‘old sun’ LPs set to arrive tomorrow!

front cover of the new le son de l’os LP

Le son de l’os LPs are arriving at New Vague headquaters tomorrow via UPS via Morpheus records (the pressing plant). More tomorrow as developments warrant. Limited edition of 300 copies only. LP only of course (well at least for the present moment). If you want to reserve a copy shoot me an e-mail at newvaguerecords@gmail.com
Note, arriving tomorrow are the LPs only. The covers will arrive from SIWA soon and a that point a formal release date will be set (along with the price). Any journalists/music critics out there who need digital copies please feel free to let me know and I’ll happily set you up with a digital copy of the LP if you prefer. Same goes for any distributors, if you need digital files for you web site or just for the purposes of making a determination if you will stock the LP, just drop me a line and I’ll happy to set you up with a digital version to facilitate that process.

Before the deluge

Well deluge is stretching it, but progress on the first two New Vague releases is proceeding apace and I anticipate in a matter of weeks the first boxes of LPs should be showing up. When both Majutsu no Niwa and le son de l’os are completed and sent back to NVR headquarters, I’ll have the happy dilemma of fitting 800 or so LPs in the living room of my 650 sq. feet condo. Given that the Majutsu no Niwa is a double LP and the space requirements are only increased. Your basic U-haul moving box (about 12x12x16 in size) holds perhaps 100 LPs, so a conservative estimate would be on the range of 8 boxes. A more realistic estimate would be about 10 boxes adding in added thickness of a double LP, and all LPs housed in protective sleeves. Add in to that that I need to order, well, more boxes to ship the LPs to the awaiting masses and the future means lots of corrugated cardboard for me. So a before picture then of my humble abode prior to this coming sea of cardboard.

Key items to note: stack of LP mailers, slightly alarmed domain mistress, half-eaten box of ho-hos…