NE-001, LPS have arrived le son de l’os ‘old sun’

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alt least the boxes that will eventually overwhelm will eventually overwhelm my apparent have arrived.The 300 or so le son del l’os (LPS only, the sleeves are diligently being worked on at the momeny, once both components have arrived BAM the LPS will be ready to shipp. 300 copies only, in releseable mylar, plastic outer seeves to protect your LP investment. The release date will be the same as the Majutusu no Niwa “FRONTERA” LP which is a couple months out yet. I’, trying to save on cost of shipping (it cost a lot!) and to combine both LPs to create interest for one via the other and vice versa. Though if you simply want Majutsu No Niwa let me and I won’t delay shipping your order while Majutusu no Niwa warps up.. Both come highly recommended. They will be abailable through your standard array of independent music distrubtors, shops and online retailers as well as direct from the label either from me or via discogs or possibly e-bay if you prefer to go that route


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