le son de l’os ‘old sun’ LPs set to arrive tomorrow!

front cover of the new le son de l’os LP

Le son de l’os LPs are arriving at New Vague headquaters tomorrow via UPS via Morpheus records (the pressing plant). More tomorrow as developments warrant. Limited edition of 300 copies only. LP only of course (well at least for the present moment). If you want to reserve a copy shoot me an e-mail at newvaguerecords@gmail.com
Note, arriving tomorrow are the LPs only. The covers will arrive from SIWA soon and a that point a formal release date will be set (along with the price). Any journalists/music critics out there who need digital copies please feel free to let me know and I’ll happily set you up with a digital copy of the LP if you prefer. Same goes for any distributors, if you need digital files for you web site or just for the purposes of making a determination if you will stock the LP, just drop me a line and I’ll happy to set you up with a digital version to facilitate that process.


Before the deluge

Well deluge is stretching it, but progress on the first two New Vague releases is proceeding apace and I anticipate in a matter of weeks the first boxes of LPs should be showing up. When both Majutsu no Niwa and le son de l’os are completed and sent back to NVR headquarters, I’ll have the happy dilemma of fitting 800 or so LPs in the living room of my 650 sq. feet condo. Given that the Majutsu no Niwa is a double LP and the space requirements are only increased. Your basic U-haul moving box (about 12x12x16 in size) holds perhaps 100 LPs, so a conservative estimate would be on the range of 8 boxes. A more realistic estimate would be about 10 boxes adding in added thickness of a double LP, and all LPs housed in protective sleeves. Add in to that that I need to order, well, more boxes to ship the LPs to the awaiting masses and the future means lots of corrugated cardboard for me. So a before picture then of my humble abode prior to this coming sea of cardboard.

Key items to note: stack of LP mailers, slightly alarmed domain mistress, half-eaten box of ho-hos…

Today’s LP pick-ups

LP Pick ups from this afternoon: usually I don’t buy much at all when I stop by a local LP store (I’m picky and what I like just doesn’t show up in the recent arrivals bins much), but today was the exception. Four solid LPs of mostly free improv. I just couldn’t pass it up. We have Leo Smith & New Dalta Ahkri ‘Go in Numbers’ LP on Black Saint, Evan Parker and Paul Lytton ‘Ra’ LP on Ring, Sun Ra ‘Pathways to Unknown Worlds’ on Impulse, and ‘The Storming of the Winter Palace’ by Irene Schweiser, George Lewis, Joelle Leandre, Gunter Sommer, and Maggie Nichols on Intakt. All are good and the Parker/Lytton duo is a revelation. The Leo Smith is gem as is most everything he does. The Sun Ra is a classic set from 1973 and since I’m not about to try and start hunting down Saturn originals, this Impulse reissue will do just fine. ‘The Storming of the Winter Palace’ will take some adjustment on my part due to some out vocalizing but is well worth the $8 I paid for it.

So LP hounds it’s still worth stopping by the the local shop as you never know what you’ll find!

Clockwise from the top right: Evan Parker & Paul Lytton ‘Ra’, Irene Schweizer, George Lewis, etc. ‘The Storming of the Winter Palace’, Sun Ra ‘Pathways to Unknown Worlds’, Leo Smith & New Dalta Ahkri ‘Go in Numbers’.

Cecil Taylor: All of the Notes

An apt title for the documentary about the legendary free jazz pianist who has remained true to his muse for 50+ years without compromise. Finally seeing him play live a year or so ago at the French Embassy was one of the finest performances I’ve ever seen (given that I own 40+ Cecil Taylor LPs this is perhaps not a surprising opinion on my part). So of course this documentary comes highly recommended. Finally a personal bleg: if anyone has a copy of the FMP box they would like to sell (for a reasonable price) please contact me directly at newvaguerecords AT gmail.com.

New Keiji Haino Documentary: Trailer Released

The trailer for the new Keiji Haino documentary has been released and is on youtube. Honestly I had no idea that such a documentary was in the works, so this is a pleasing development for me (owner of at least a couple dozen Haino & related CDs and LPs). If I knew how to embed the video here I would do so. As to when an English translated version of the documentary will be released I haven’t the foggiest idea when (if ever) that will happen.

Well now I just figured out how to embed video so here it is…

Update: Per the The Unofficial Keiji Haino Website this is to be released in theaters in Japan on July 7.