NE-001, LPS have arrived le son de l’os ‘old sun’

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Alt least the boxes that will eventually overwhelm will eventually overwhelm my apparent have arrived.The 300 or so le son del l’os (LPS only, the sleeves are diligently being worked on at the momeny, once both components have arrived BAM the LPS will be ready to shipp. 300 copies only, in releseable mylar, plastic outer seeves to protect your LP investment. The release date will be the same as the Majutusu no Niwa “FRONTERA” LP which is a couple months out yet. I’, trying to save on cost of shipping (it cost a lot!) and to combine both LPs to create interest for one via the other and vice versa. Though if you simply want Majutsu No Niwa let me and I won’t delay shipping your order while Majutusu no Niwa warps up.. Both come highly recommended. They will be abailable through your standard array of independent music distrubtors, shops and online retailers as well as direct from the label either from me or via discogs or possibly e-bay if you prefer to go that route


Some Comments on New Vague (thank you Cedric!)

In classic blogging tradition I’d like to quote a fellow Japonophile, owner of the An’archives label and who also blogs here and sells many fine and exceptionally rare records from Japan, all listed with summaries that could only come from a man who truly knows his stuff. I post this, not just for it’s kind words about New Vague, but also for his comments on independent record labels in general. As he says, these types or labels are born out of passion for music and not out of any pecuniary goals. His comments about the support needed for labels such as New Vague and An’archives are dead on. And to reiterate what he said towards the end of his post, indirect support is fine and necessary, but direct support from customers is vital. Anyway, with that said here are his comments in full.

We’re very happy to anounce you some forthcoming albums from New Vague records , a new friendly label coming from US.

– Le son de l’os , a band born from Onna Kodomo ashes with Yuko Hasegawa, Shizuo Uchida & Mashiro Deguchi, a recent band who signed a first album on P.S.F. 2 years ago. If you are in Nijiumu, in nighty improvisations, don’t miss this one, I think it’s a nice release that will come in a nice silkscreened cover done by a cherished printer.

– Majutsu No Niwa LP, born from Overhang Party and leaded by Rinji Fukuoka, this reissue comes with a different tracklist and a “bonus” track. Majutsu No Niwa is a well known band in Tokyo which plays rock with a MC5 / Stooges energy on stage.

As you already probably know it, most of the small labels are motivated by passion and once again they need your support and that’s always nice when you could order their music directly from them when it’s possible, it would considerably helps the label with future projects, in a same time you’d probably save some money.

We all know a tricky situation, so maybe it’s time to be active, to think how and where to spare money. We know a standardised “hub” with many distributors and a lot of them takes profits from small labels or treat small organisations like slaves. Yes they can write some good reviews, could recommend your releases but they’d ask you an indecent delay with payments. Some others absolutely don’t care with quality, they just want your stuff for peanuts. I’m sorry but quality has a price, if you don’t mind about it, you can upload the stuff elsewhere I guess or just find another type of stuff, there’s a lot a releases on the market every year.

I’ll carry some New Vague records for lazy people (please get in touch with me for that) later but once again ordering from the label would be very appreciated :

The New Vague Line-up circa 5-23-2012

Just a brief post to present the New Vague line-up as it currently stands with some estimated release info (very tentative at this point).

NV-001: le son de l’os ‘old sun’ LP edition of 300. All covers are being silkscreened by SIWA, I couldn’t be more pleased to have this as the inaugural New Vague release. Estimated release date is in about a month or so.

NV-002: Majutsu no Niwa ‘FRONTERA’ 2LP. Edition side is 500 for the time being. The LP will be in a gatefold sleeve printed up Stoughton. LPS are being pressed by RTI on 180G vinyl.

Here are the projected releases for the coming months:

NV-003: Magneticring (LP title TBD). Magneticring released an excellent LP on Uzu audio couple years. The first track is one long epic drone piece with echoes of Terry Riley. Edition size: TBD.

NV-004: Clade ‘if brightness outshine heavens so prepared ‘ 2LP. This was released as a CDR by the band earlier this year. The LP again will by silkscreened by SIWA and feature additional material not on the CD.

NV-005: Rinji Fukuoka & Sachiko ‘áTOMO∑’ LP. This is a re-release of the excellent CD ‘áTOMO∑’ put out by Musik Atlach. Full color sleeve ala the original. Pressing size: TBD.

NV-006: Sarry 2LP (title TBD). Sarry are a duo out of Okinawa that features heavily processed bass and vocal. Mason Jones of Charnel Houe hooked me up with the band (many thanks Mason!). Again pressing size and edition details are still being worked out but I’ll be sure to keep you posted on new developments as they occur.

Links for all of these bands can be found in my blogroll and it goes withoout saying that I highly recommend you check them out.